What is a Mosquito bat

Mosquito bat is also known as the electric flyswatter, racket zapper, or zap racket. This mosquito bat is battery powdered and handheld bug zapper that is quite similar to the tennis racket. In modern times, this bat is worldwide used as a mosquito killer and it is also known as a mosquito racket.

The handle of the mosquito racket contains a battery-powered high-voltage generator. The circuit is composed of an electronic oscillator, a step-up transformer, and a voltage multiplier, similar to the circuit in an electroshock weapon or stun gun, but with much lower power. When the electrically conductive body of a fly nearly bridges the gap between electrodes, a spark jumps through the fly.

This initial discharge usually stuns or kills the fly. If the button is still pressed, the continuous current will roast and kill the fly. Well, every mosquito bat has a three-layer grid that is extremely helpful to prevent the individuals from touching the electrodes. Well, the outermost grid or electrodes are at the same electrical potential and they are open enough only to allow an insect to contact inner charged the inner charged grid.

In this advanced era, everything is available in the market or online, in this way, you can buy mosquito bat online to make yourself or your family away from a mosquito.